Are you tired of doing the same old fundraisers?

Who wants to push candy bars and overpriced wrapping paper? Why are there so many unused discount cards in the "junk" drawer? Are the kids bringing another catalog home from school again!? 

Fundraising made easy

Your cause is important to me. I want to help you make the most profit with the least amount of effort. 

Choose the painting you want to create and I'll take care of the rest. You'll get a custom link to promote your event.

Your cause will earn a 50% of ticket sales with a max of 50 tickets available. Great earnings potential with very little effort.

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What if I need a venue to hold everyone?
Do you have a gallery of paintings to choose from?

Lets get this party started!

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What is an Artly Paint Party?

The best paint night party in Lynchburg! Artly Paint Parties take over your favorite hangouts, turning them into a mobile art studio for the evening. Relax with your friends, sip on a cocktail (or two) and paint something beautiful. If you've never experienced a sip and paint before, you are absolutely missing out. We listen to music, talk about our days, relieve stress and bond together over creativity. You do not have to be experienced to make art. You are guided every step of the way and get personal attention when you need it. We all need a little help sometimes, and thats what I'm here for. Everyone can make art. I'll show you how.

What cool people say?

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Anytime Tickets
Anytime Tickets

Anytime Tickets

Why come to an Artly Paint Party?

Because painting is fun and its the MOST fun with friends!

Laugh until your head falls off!

Heather makes learning fun! She keeps you laughing so you don't realize you're learning.

Spend quality time with loved ones

The best times are spent with family and friends so get your tribe together and let's paint!

Get in touch with your inner artist

The best stress reliever is relaxing with a brush in your hand. Everyone can paint. I will show you how.